Make It Happen - press release follow up

Yesterday I received 2 emails almost at the same time. What was cool about those emails is that both where from fairly old press releases. One was from 4 months back and the other one was from 3 months ago. This is not so unusual; many releases produce results for months or even years, particularly if they are picked up by a well traveled online publication.

What was really interesting about those emails was both where CC to us and to our client’s. This tells me the reporter definitely wanted to make sure they got in touch with our client. As normal we touched based with the client to make sure they got the message. As usually client 1 was on top of it and had already spoken with the reporter. Client 2 had an email exchange with the editor. First the editor asked for some high resolution images. The client sent them some low quality jpeg’s….Luckily they CC us and I was able to immediately send some high quality images we had on file. I can’t emphasize it enough to be prepared when a reporter calls or inquires about your product or service. Reporters are busy professionals, when you make their job easier they are more likely to call upon you again in the future, not to mention that some may just move on if they don’t get the right feedback.

Client 2 was now asked by a local but large New York magazine if they sold their products in local stores. The editor said, “by the way you do have local distributors, we only write articles about products that can be bought locally”. Luckily again the editor CC me back. When I saw this I immediately called the client and asked them what their response was going to be. As I suspected it was something like “Thanks for your time but we don’t have any in the NY city area”.

So I asked the client if they new the Bill Gates story….I proceeded to tell them how Bill Gates sold IBM a little operating system called MSDOS. There was one little catch to that deal… They didn’t own it! That’s right, the super giant Microsoft got its start by selling a product they didn’t even own at the time. Of course Bill ran out and bought the software right after he closed the deal with IBM.

So, I convinced them that it would be pretty good idea to get on the phone and line up a few dealers…”even if you have to give them away”, I said. It wasn’t that hard to convince them after I explained that an ad in that particular magazine goes for $25,000. And it doesn’t get any better then to be featured in a major magazine in the advertisement and media capital of the world!

The point is: if a reporter is interested, but you don’t quite match what their looking for…find a way to make a match - Make It Happen!



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