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Most press releases are received via email or past along via email; so the subject line for the email becomes an important factor on whether your news gets read or not.

First you want to get past any spam filters that may weed out your release. There are certain indicators that filters use that might mark your news as Spam.

Some of these are:
Excessive words – try to keep the word count to 6 words or less
Punctuation – avoid: ! $ * - especially avoid repeated punctuation: ***
Excessive Punctuation – A dash /comma or two is ok but once you start using more you run the risk that the filter may not like that
ALL CAPS – are a big indicator – use limited caps

Ok, now you avoided the wrath of the filter, next you want your press release to get read.
Use keywords that are familiar and popular, even if they are not the principal subject matter of your release. They should be topical to the release however, don’t “stuff” the release with irrelevant keywords, just for the sake of it. Remember a press release is a statement of fact.

Example: you have news that you have formed a business partnership with another company. As a side benefit to that partnership you have new sales channels to major well known company. Let’s say this well known company is ACME Inc.

Here is what you say in your subject line of the press release:
Subject: press release ACME Inc. opens up new channels to

press release XXX receives ACME and

Let say there is really no good (high value) keywords to use. Use some related keywords:

Subject: press release Detroit, MI

If I’m a reporter in Detroit, I simply have to find out more.

Subject: press release New .Net based software
Subject: press release New JAVA based software
Subject: press release New Web 2.0 based software

The idea is to point out any “big” feature about the news – Big names draw large amounts of readers – reporters are more likely to want to find out more.

There is much more data on subject line “success”. Much of this is proprietary to larger organizations. For instance many companies track “email opens”. That is how many times the email was opened and if the viewer clicked through to a webpage or download or performed a certain action like calling a specific phone number. We track this metric as well as many others. When your order a press release through our press release distribution service we will optimize your subject line for you.


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