Basic SEO every site should employ to getting higher rankings

Home Page Title: Should be short and contain your keywords (keyword phrase).

Every page should have a different title, even if only slight an should contain your keywords.

Every page should have meta description in the code: 8 to 15 words works best.

Meta keywords are not as powerful as they once where, but should be included: 3 to 5 words

The first top left image is very important as many search engines give this added weight. Make sure your atl tag is descriptive and contains your targeted keyword.

All images - image tags should contain an alt tag – this is the only way a search bot can read it.

Your website design should be as modern as possible and error free. Google gives added weight to sights that employ modern web 2.0 code and is free from errors as possible.

Purchase your domain for 10 years or more at a time – added weight on Google.


Include your keyword in the domain name instead of the company name.

Repeat your keyword 7 to 12 times on a page.

Have at least 4 paragraphs on each page.

Include your keywords in headings, links and bullet list


Page Names (page-name.html) and directories (/directory/somepage.html) should contain keywords.

Avoid strings for important pages (stuff after the file name ?)…somepage.php?fasdasqwrrqwra+fasfa

Whenever possible, when linking to your site use anchor text.



YES: Press Release Service

Your paid for ads should contain your keywords: in theory ads should not boost your ranking as they are not a real vote for your site…but in practice they do boost your ranking.

Google gives much more weight to inbound links than other what other search engines do – this is not about quantity but quality. Getting a quality link from 1 page rank 7 site is much better than 100’s of lesser ranks sites.

The best links to get are: (Good links in order of how Google weights them)

.edu – best link you can get – do whatever you can to get some of these
.gov – great link – hard to get
news site links – easier than the above, but still hard – pitch articles – reply to a journalist when they write an article on your industry – press releases
org – wiki’s in particular - you can post content to most wiki sites
blog links (Google is in love with blogs – they give added weight to blogs) you can get
blogs to write about you for a fee. Don’t bother posting to blogs that have this in the source code links: “No Follow”

Normal sites

Neutral: trading links; doesn’t hurt or help

Bad links no particular order:

Link farms

Sales letter sites

black listed ip’s sites

illegal content sites

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