Controlling your incoming links to give the most impact for SEO

You would think that and are the same. We’ll they are in fact the same, BUT, to search engines they can and are sometimes ranked separately, effectively halving your incoming page rank.

If you click on the above links you’ll notice they both point to the www version. So, no matter how somebody chooses to link to us, we get a full 100% of the value of the link.

There is a real simple fix for this it’s called a 301 redirect. Some hosting providers have a feature in the control panel to make the redirects or you can use code on your dynamic pages. If your not sure you want to mess with this ask your web developer to make the 301 redirect.

For classic asp developers here’s the code we use:

‘Original script MSDN? rewritten by bill
‘for asp 3.0
‘Purpase - to redirect any page to include the WWW.
‘Redirect to www
‘Gets the initial URL
Domain_Name = lcase(request.ServerVariables(”HTTP_HOST”))
‘Check if the URL is the WWW
if left(Domain_Name, 3) <> “www” Then
HTTP_PATH = request.ServerVariables(”PATH_INFO”)
‘Check if page is default.asp if so, redirect to “/”.
‘If other index page is used, such as index.asp
‘the numbers in the right and len statement
‘needs to be changed, as well
‘as the IF statment to indicate the index page.
If right(HTTP_PATH, 12) = “/default.asp” Then
End If
‘ Sets the new URL settings with correct page
QUERY_STRING = request.ServerVariables(”QUERY_STRING”)
theURL = “http://www.” & Domain_Name & HTTP_PATH
‘This section passes on the query string variables
if len(QUERY_STRING) > 0 Then
theURL = theURL & “?” & QUERY_STRING
end if
‘ Send 301 response and new location
Response.Status = “301 Moved Permanently” ‘perseveres search engine ranking
Response.AddHeader “Location”, theURL
end if

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