Getting PR - Piggybacking on current news

What is piggybacking on news? Well, in short when somebody writes on a topic of interest about your industry, you should reply to that journalist / editor when you have something of value to add.

This does require some work monitoring relevant websites and journals but it can and DOES pay off.

There are some tools that can help notify you when somebody writes relevant articles, like Google alerts an Yahoo alerts. These only get a small percent (very small) of articles, so you’ll have to make it a habit of checking manually. Also check on past news and pitch the writer with an update for their story.

Of course a steady stream of press releases targeted to the right persons is the easiest way of getting PR, but piggybacking press releases can be done as well.

  • Time your release with other major industry news and reference it
  • Include current events in the press release
  • Quote other notable sources and reference their products / services

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