SEO Content - Website Content

Getting good rankings on the major search engines is something everyone would like, but few achieve. One of the most important factors is the content of your pages and the amount of content. Every site should add new content, every week, at least a few pages. For a business such as ours there is a limitless volume. Aside from our built in content: new press releases posted daily, their is endless amount of pages we can and do write. This is not so with every business, so you need to be creative while sticking within your subject matter.

One way to add content to your site is to have a blog and rotate your employees to post articles. Create a company news section to highlight what’s going on. Write on what’s happening in your industry, even if you don’t have any services or products for the subject at hand.

The bottom line is: Content is king on the web. The more content you have have the better your chances are somebody will find your site with some combination of keywords on one of your content pages and will end up buying. Adding fresh content will keep the web search engine bots (robots) coming back to your site often. In general, large content sites rank better than their smaller competitors (sites) on most search engines.

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