Press Release Titles - Critical to getting your news release read

The title of your press release is the most decisive factor in whether your news gets good results. In today’s online news world of ‘Twitter’ and ‘RSS’ syndication having a well written article, press release or op-ed is not good enough. Today’s online news is not even the same as it was 5 years ago. 5 years you could write a professional title with the first few lines going into more detail, building on what was outlined in the title. Today this is no longer the case…or a least it’s changing rapidly.

Today’s online news is no longer read in what we call ‘Teasers’, teasers have become quick bits of info.

You need to grab the readers attention in the first few words, or without question, you will lose some readers who would normally be interested in what you have to say…particularly readers under 35.

Journalist and Editors are not immune to this ‘Twitter Effect‘, they, like all readers of news start to favor what gets their attention immediately.

So how do you go about writing a press release title to be effective?

The first few words should be compelling!

For example, lets say you have a news release on climate change.

You have a traditional title like:

Dr. John Smith of Acme University Reports in a New Research Study That Climate Change XXX XXX

When this is sent to press and they see it it in their email, this if fine because a good part of the release is visible. Editors and journalist will quickly scan the document to see if it something they want to fully read.

However, if the news is being read in a ‘Twitter’ or ‘RSS’ bit…your important story may get overlooked….i.e. they may only see:

Dr. John Smith of Acme University…

Not a very interesting ‘bit’ of news. A more effective title in today small size news would be:

Climate Change - Unprecedented New Facts Alarm Researchers

You can then lead into the the story like so: (after the reader has clicked to read the full story)

Climate Change - Unprecedented New Facts Alarm Researchers

New York, NY - Dr. John Smith of Acme University reports in a new research study that climate change……

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